Aaron Kent is a poet and publisher from Cornwall, currently living in Wales, where he runs the poetry press Broken Sleep Books. Aaron is a working-class writer, and particularly wants to advocate for more working-class voices in literature. In Melatonin Spring Collection, Aaron deftly explores the emotional landscapes of fatherhood, convalescence and what it means to fundamentally connect with others. Never shying away from speaking to the reader directly, but also pushing boundaries with innovative experimentation, Melatonin Spring Collectionis an incendiary set of poems. 

Aaron’s work has previously been published by Wild Court, Butchers Dog, Blackbox Manifold, The Scores, and many others. 

Melatonin Spring Collection by Aaron Kent

Poetry pamphlet – 25 pages


Reading Melatonin Spring Collection is like learning to ice skate under an open sky; you are a thin blade away from falling, but always close to holding hands, wheeling a little off kilter with gravity, being pulled up, seeing stars.” – Vahni Capildeo

Melatonin Sleep Collection is a tangy, threatening and observant addition to the poetry of fathering.” – Dominic Leonard 

Taken from Melatonin Spring Collection

Melatonin Spring Collection

A fistful of             
bone to dull          
all four 
leaking coal,
onto our bodies
and swearing
sun. Turf burns
a compass in        
and crop circles.
In the patch          
decorated with whispers,
there are cyclists, or at least 
a place
amongst wasted noises
capillaries. Stairways
for astronomers,
leaking into the gaps
and waiting – O

Contemporary Theft
Pearls made from rope and             
hermit crabs – given                            
skulls as shells. You           
drew prayer. Our bed was
a chair to the heralds weighted with
Saturn burnt into the edge.
Invites to the draught, rested
contemporaries. You glistened when,         
and laughed when, thorns and a half 
dozen roses left in the fuse box.    
Moments and belief in the death                   
parade, the jubilee – you – yourself – 

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