SOMETIMES is a new pamphlet from San Francisco based poet Ashley D. Escobar

Ashley D. Escobar is a writer and filmmaker from San Francisco. 

SOMETIMES is a collection that explores the balance between human connection and solitude, framing them with tender humour and an astute pop culture lyricism.

Her work can be found in MAI: Feminism & Visual Culture, Leavings, and BlueHouse Journal, among others. People watching is her favourite hobby, along with taking trains without any particular destination in mind.

SOMETIMES by Ashley D. Escobar

Poetry pamphlet – 30 pages


Taken from SOMETIMES

Soon (We Have All The Time In The World)

I’m feeling rather lousy in
your green sweater, 
all I can remember is today. 

A friend sent me a letter
of words to end an era,
ephemera to chase the clouds away. 

                                   (You were too busy pushing 
                                    piles of dust into dust)

I dreamt the Golden Gate
sat in Portugal. (Don’t jump - dive)
Repetition compulsion, think and repeat. Drink and cheat
your heart into believing it didn’t break on its own. 

Another party, another down day - cynicism to saturate
your alcove - is it weighing you down or are you
                                   (We’ve grown). 

End of an Era

and it’s an omen I cannot quite describe

book pages
on fire
out car windows 
on freeways

the highway 
flaming, an abrupt 
stop, the temperature
rising - I cannot 
tell what time of year it is

the dog days won’t come
and go - they linger by my
bedside table

softer than carnations 
I sent to your retirement home

another diamond day arrives

a chorus of angels
               of bluebirds
of aubades

I must have misplaced hope - alongside my pearls

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