Santa Lucía is the new pamphlet from poet Charlie Baylis.

It immerses the reader in a contrasting world of light and dark, and is a place where optimism, anxiety, fear and love collide.

Split into two parts, ‘Day’ sees the poems rise into the light using a propulsive, enigmatically lyrical style.

The second part, ‘Night’ explores the poet’s relationships with others and how they navigate areas of love and loss, and what it means to find intrinsic identity in a place far from home.

Santa Lucía is a powerful collection of poems that is as rewarding as it is absorbing.

Santa Lucía by Charlie Baylis

Poetry pamphlet – 25 pages


Taken from Santa Lucía

tropical storm 

summer rain lashes santa lucía
the chameleon twitches on the cross
in the harbour wrapped in nuclear breeze
a trombone plays la belle dame sans merci
a prophet speaks under the peace of leaves
liberated canaries spreading panoramic green
from a purple pot of tea he pours a cup of purple tea
he declines in a deck chair
hands me an emptiness that goes on forever

private beach

the beauty of the city when the sun is rising.
the botanist collecting peas. classic god
shaped wholes envelop us. you.

a small private beach with white sands.
yew tree. unicorns graze. youths.
hitting blue with a hammer.

what’s wrong? everything i do is dumb.
a ballerina pirouetting with a rhino.
nothing left of my leather toes.

summer burns.
getaway while you can.

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