Submission Guidelines

We usually open our submissions window for poetry pamphlets/chapbooks for one month towards the end of each year.

Our submissions window is currently CLOSED.

When our submissions window is open here’s what we’re looking for

We are looking for manuscripts of poetry pamphlets/chapbooks of around 30-40 pages in length (a little bit more or less is fine). We also accept manuscripts for collections of around 60-80 pages (again, a little bit more or less is fine).

We don’t have a fixed style or set of subject matters we look for. We publish anything that we find interesting, exciting and moving. It doesn’t matter if you have a large following or not, if we love it, we will publish it.

We’d love to offer royalties to the poets we publish but unfortunately we can’t at the moment. This is because we have no money. But we do make sure the poets we work with have full creative control and we pride ourselves in working closely with our authors and building long lasting relationships with them. We are hoping to offer royalties in future as the press develops and grows.


We really like to receive manuscripts as word documents formatted in A5. A nicely crafted poem written on A4 can look very different when it’s formatted down to A5, which is the size in which we publish our books. If you can’t format your work into A5, don’t worry, still submit it, but A5 is preferred.

How to Submit

If you want to submit please send your manuscript attached to an email with ‘Submission’ and your name in the subject line and few lines about yourself to –

We look forward to reading your work!

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